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Dysfunctional Government

September 10, 2008

Honorable Senator Boxer:

Again the Senate has shown the American electorate that it is a dysfunctional body. When the Republicans in conjunction with the EPA and Sewage industry refused to attend a Senate Committee meeting chaired by Senator Boxer, of California, concerning sewage sludge used as fertilizer in rural America, they have again shown the American electorate that big business rules this country.

Is is any wonder that this body is held in contempt by more voters than at any time in its history. Letters sent to Senator Boxer from all over our great country have been ignored by those in favor of big business, which controls the EPA, Evironmental Pollution Agency. As a result the suffering of rural Amerca caused by the lack of the EPA to function as an unbiased organization continues.

EPA scientists who have made the problems with sewage sludge known have been treated as pariahs by this out of control government body and have been made to leave their jobs. Some of the retired heirarchy of the EPA who have been supporters of sludge have gone to work for the sludge industry as high paid consultants. This should be a red flag for all concerned.

What will it take for rural America to get the attention of elected officials in Washington D. C. and let them know enough is enough?

Gary O. Schaefer Grand Bay, AL