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Ask Your Parks Department Not to Use Sludge

An increasing number of municipalities across the country – including the cities of San Francisco (CA), Seattle (WA), Lawrence (KS), Sarasota (FL), Chatham (NJ), Portland (OR), Marblehead (MA), Camden (ME), Rockport (ME), Buffalo (NY), and Westchester, Suffolk, Rockland, and Albany counties of New York – are phasing out the use of chemical pesticides on public property.

Sewage sludge, because it is hazardous no matter its “treatment,” or designated "Class" or "Quality," should be included as a prohibited substance. Like chemical pesticides, sludge causes serious human health problems and can make pets very ill.

Make Your Local Parks Pesticide-free, from Mother Earth News http://www.watoxics.org/issues/cities-counties-parks/parks-solutions

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