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What are the steps the EPA Administrator could take to ban the disopsal of sewage sludge on land?

  1. Place an immediate moratorium on the land application of sewage sludge.
  2. Freeze the issuance of new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits authorizing the Land Application of Bulk Sewage Sludge.
  3. Rewrite and reissue NPDES permits to require a method of sludge disposal other than land application to replace all NPDES permits currently in force that allow the Land Application of Bulk Sewage Sludge.
  4. Initiate rulemaking to change the Part 503 Sludge Rule (promulgated under the authority of the Clean Water Act at 40 C.F.R. §503) to eliminate land application as an acceptable practice for sludge disposal.

Contact your representatives.

Congressional action can end the practice of dumping sewage sludge on land as a disposal practice. The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is one place to go to ask for changes in federal policy regarding the use and disposal of sludge.

Tell your political representatives you want the practice stopped. Ask the environmental organizations you know to get involved. Inform your local health department about the hazards of sludge dumping and ask them to weigh in. Work with your neighbors to protect your land, your water, and your families.

How can you get involved?

Tell your story. Let people know what is happening out there, in the fields and farms, gardens, parks, committee rooms, citizen meetings, and in meetings with state and local representatives.

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