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Sludge Victims in Iowa

June 16, 2010


Our Nightmare began when our neighbor starting hauling Human Waste ( FREE FERTILIZER ).On CRP ground, never worked in & also overloaded the land . So every time it rains , dewey , hot, it rieactavates all odors & chemicals. A while after he was hauling is when we found out that this human waste was pretty much all Toxic Waste.. We had several friends & neighbors tell us to call Channel 9 you need Media..My husband & I take very much pride of our farm started to get REAL sick.. Vomit, severve gut ache, eyes & throat burn , bodies itch & burn, infecttons, & mayjor diarrhea this went on for 9 months. Emergency Room Several times & Md Doctor several times. Dr. Nacthman & ER doctors insisted we move off our farm..THATS RIGHT MOVE OFF OUR FARM TILS THE CHEMICALS CLEARS UP.. THAT WE HAVE BEEN ON 33 YEARS OUR PRIDE & jOY !!! I was so scared my husband was so sick !! Than i started with all the same symptoms , he was planting beans hanging out of the tractor throwing up cause the chemical smell was Horrable.. I did call the Dnr a couple of times although Mike Wade said it was legal.. Although he would not come out and check on my neighbor John Wulfekuhle & son Lee Wulfekuhle. Which they own Wulfekuhle Injection.. Mike Wade said he told Wulfekuhle's several times that the Toxic chemicals were making us sick .. Mike said John & Lee don't care..We could not beleive our neighbors would ever to do such a thing to harm all of there neighbors.

Our Farm sits in the worst spot in a low spot so when it was rainy & humid last summer the chemicals & odor would not go away.. It would hang in our buildings & house.In 24/7 (factories they call that PICKLING.) Dr Nacthman called to tell us now Jim has Pneumonia now and INSISTED you need to get out of enviroment meaning our Farm.. Now i knew we had to get off our Farm , we had to rent an Apartment 25 minutes away from our farm & commute to our farm twice a day. He insisted we wear a face mask so we dont keep breathing in the chemicals.

We were told to call Chuck Grassley office for help ..like all other calls i made i called Roger Thomas.. Roger came to our farm & he got Mike Wade to come. IT"S ABOUT DAMM TIME !! thats when we finally decided to call Channel 9. Katie Weidemann from channel 9 came to interview all of us.. Mike Wade & Roger Thomas both were rubbing & blinking ALSO WATERY eyes .. Thats when Mike Wade told me Wulfekuhle Injection did not have permits for the stock pile & sludge they had in there lagoon .. What a Shock !!!

Mr. Wade did say he had over 100 complaints after we had moved off the farm..The very next day we had a SLUDGE EXPERT from Canada call . These wonderful Ladies- Maureen Reilly & Helane Schields sludge experts helped us . Maureen talked with Mr. Wade she was who found out John Wulfekuhle way overloaded his land.. Mr Wade tells us to get the laws changed.. Guess what people IOWA has no Rules on this ..John Wulfekuhle and his brother Jim Wulfekuhle another neighbor of our's knew how sick we were yet still put the toxic waste on his land also.. Jim did work his ground up but all we have to do is get a smell when the weather changes & we are sick for days.. Yes this spring when the snow melted the odor was bad again off to the Doctor we had to go again.. Ya know John , Lee , Jim Wulfekuhle ( Wulfekuhle Injection ) don't ever blame anyone for what you have done to our great neighborhood & community .. So farmers do your home work and don't fall for the FREE FERTILIZER.

We or any other SLUDGE VICTIMS did not ask for any of this .. Any sludge Victim now has to deal with Cronic Health Issues. Can you ever tell us & the other familes that you are SORRY !! All i hear is you blame every one else .. We will call Channel 9 again if you ever haul any more and i encourage for everyone else to call Channel 9..5 DNR'S also tells us WE NEED THESE LAWS CHANGED !! Speak up & help stop this !! It could end up in your back yard.. So now we have a these Bills from our neighbors !! This is a still a NIGHTMARE for us & the Dnr says that this Toxic Chemicals thats on the farmers ground comes to the top of the soil & REACTAFATES after Rains.. IT'S WORSE WHEN ITS APPLIED ON CRP OVER, OVER & OVER ALL SUMMER AND NEVER TILLED IN !! You get more AIRBORNE & RUN OFF"S IN CREEKS & RIVERS, So we could be dealing with this for years !!

We do not want this to happen to any one else !! WHAT TO DO !! WHAT TO DO !! YOU COULD BE NEXT !! My advise to anyone put in the same situation as us, call you local Tv station ! We did not ask for this Toxic Sludge & in Shock our Once great neighbors would harm & jepordize us and the rest of our GREAT NEIGHBORS !! Other states has sludge BANNED ! THATS WHY OTHER STATES BRING THERE TOXIC SLUDGE INTO IOWA & DUMP INTO THE CITIES SEWER & LAND FIELDS.THAN HAULS OUT ON FARM GROUNDS FOR FREE FERTILIZER. IT ALL ENDS UP IN THE GROCERY STORE. ( MEAT , FISH, VEGETABLE , POUTRY, MILK , CEREAL YOU NAME IT !!! PLEASE HELP STOP THIS !!

Karen & Jim Ellerbach, Holy Cross, Iowa