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Pets sick and died

January 6, 2009

We moved to Airville, PA in August of 2004. We live on 5.75 acs in a small rancher surrounded by farms. They have been using sludge on these grounds for at least as long as we have lived here.

In 2005, we lost a dog to kidney failure and one cat died while another became very sick. My vet said he could only pinpoint the the sickness in my cats as being "argricultural related". Total cost for the cats was over $1300. Now, 4 years later, I have lost another cat to kidney failure. Vet costs were over $450.00. I don't mind paying out money to heal my pets or find out if they can be helped, but to lose them due to the stupidity of public officials who are jeopardizing our health and that of our pets by spreading human waste on the fields that feed us.

My cats are inside and outside pets, and they hunt in these fields which has been covered with sludge. One field is only 25 feet from our well. I have owned pets my entire life and I am over 60. I've yet to lose one to kidney failure until we moved to Airville, PA. I disagree with the use of sludge on farm lands. If E-Coli can taint meat if not properly handled with sterile conditions, what is sludge going to do to us if it gets into our water system and our food supply? Sludge is human waste that is put on fields that are used for crops to feed cattle. Tell me where this can be good for us in a healthwise condition!

Lee Downs, Airville, PA