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We are not L.A.'s toilet

October 1, 2008

As a cancer survivor, I'm concerned about the amount of sewage sludge being spread on Kern County, California land. It's been proven to filter down into underground water supplies, polluting our groundwater with toxic chemicals. Los Angeles attorneys have bullied Kern County long enough about this issue, saying how safe sewage sludge is. If it's so safe, why don't they keep it? When we drive a few miles west on Seventh Standard Road on our way to the beach, I always make sure the interior air is recirculated when I get to Tracy Road, as the air near there has a weird smell from sludge applied years ago. The dirt in that area has a different sort of look - lighter than dirt just a half mile away...strange. I noticed they planted corn a few years back, only to haul it across the road and dump it as waste. Not normal. Please ban the practice of spreading sewage sludge on farmland and reverse the decisions of the L.A. lawyers on behalf of Kern County's and my children's health.

Mrs. Kelly Clanton, Bakersfield CA