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Sludge Victim

August 13, 2008

I recently moved into this township and had no idea sludge dumping occured here, if I did I would have not moved here. Up the road about a quarter of a mile sludge dumping started and i got bit by something that caused my leg to become infected, the infection was about 3 inches in diameter and six inches long. I was getting bad headaches for days straight, my left side of my body gave out ie. legs and paralysis set in. Got tested for lymes came back negative. I thought I had a brain tumor or something. I had an MRI of head, nothing showed up. whatever bit caused a staph infection..ie maybe bug carrying toxic sludge?

NOW as of 8/13/08 sludge dumping has occured next to my home on a farmer's field. I have headaches again and my chest gets real tight and painful. My cat is getting runny nose and eyes and never had it before. My father died at 50 from dioxin poisoning (AGENT ORANGE) from Vietnam and I read a newspaper article that said Synagro wanted to put dioxin in sludge back in 2006. Who knows if they did and said they didn't. THIS is AGricultural TERROISM! If some one pees outside they can get arrested, but the laws allow toxic waste to get in the food chain for all Americans.

Oh yea, might I add 5 - 18 wheelers (Trucks) in 2 hours dumped by my house on day one, 7 on 8/14/08, and they do it until 1-3 pm in the afternoon. That's alot of FECES. Oh yes and it's on a huge hill with a creek below it.

Please do the right thing and stop spreading sludge.


Dolores Dorward, Lenhartsville, PA (Greenwhich Township)