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Devastated by SLUDGE

September 16, 2008

Seven years ago, we bought our dream hobby farm, a place we planned on retiring to. Then came the sludge, we new nothing about it. We were assured by the Ministry of Environment that it was completley safe, despite our concerns.

The first time they applied the sludge on the field to the north of our property, we developed coughs, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and headaches. Our horses also developed coughs which lasted the whole summer. The hauler returned a couple of months later to sludge the field to the east of our farm and then they did the next field beside that. The next summer, the hauler returned to apply sludge to the field north of our home and east of our home. Our illness included diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headaches, bloody noses, hoarsness, weakness, nausea and fatigue. The animals suffered as well, swollen lymph nodes, reproductive issues, chronic coughs and one horse being diagnosed with Addisons Disease, something a yearling should not have. Barn cats who did not get pregnant, urinary tract infections in animals and ourselves.

I have been under the care of a Toxicologist in Toronto, ON, along with other families from the area. Trying to build my immune system back up. We have had to remove animals from the property for health reasons, since being moved, their health improved after 2 weeks away from the property. We have lost all of our equity in our home and are unable to sell. We are possibly facing losing our home and being forced to walk out of the mortgage if the spreading continues because our health and our animals health can't take anymore sludge!!!

I have talked to others in the community and have discovered that there are alot of people in the area who have also suffered from mycroplasma pneumonia, kidney problems, headaches, etc., as well as their animals have also suffered with skin rashes, coughs, lymph node problems, etc.

When are government officials/EPA going to take responsibility and stop poisoning its citizens, how many body bags do they need to admit they were WRONG!!!!!! We are currently trying to find a lawyer who will file a suit on our behalf, but it is very difficult and very expensive, especially when all your savings and investment have been stolen from you!!!

Mrs. Wendy Deavitt R.R.#2, 13248 County Rd. #29 Warkworth, ON Canada