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Sludge Poisoning in Newberry Springs, CA

Newberry Community Services District
P.O. Box 206
Newberry Springs, CA 92365-0206
760-257-3613, Fax 760-257-4314

September 11, 2008

Dear Senator Boxer,

Our district has been fighting for more than 4 years to keep sludge out of our District. Newberry Springs does not have municipal water. All of our water comes directly form individual private wells. Water is consumed raw, no treatment of any kind.

The EPA, who is supposed to protect public safety, is in fact the one seeking to poison our aquifer. There is ample science to suggest that dumping sludge on land will contaminate the groundwater.

This District has requested, pleaded, and in fact begged the EPA to at least uphold the 503’s. Federal law does not allow sludge to be dumped by the truckload on to land that is not being farmed. Hundreds of tons of sludge has been dumped on land in our District, left in piles on non-farmed land, for more than 4 years now.

This is an outrage! Lauren Fondal of the EPA no longer responds to letters from our District, she will not enforce the 503’s.

This District will be destroyed if our ground water is contaminated. Like Hinkley, CA, we won’t know that our aquifer is contaminated until we and our livestock is dying. The Federal government tries to accommodate business as much as possible. This is one time where Congress must stop this practice. The last thing this country needs is poisoned cropland and poisoned ground water.

How much food have you yourself consumed that was grown on sewer sludge? How many heavy metals have you unknowingly put in your body? How much more can you consume before you die from heavy metal poisoning?

Please stop the practice now! To continue to allow sewer sludge to be dumped on land is nothing short of promoting the poisoning of the American people by their own government.

Diana Williams, Director
Newberry Community Services District
Newberry Springs, CA