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Sludged in Tennessee

September 11, 2008

My story may come in a little late due to my recent heart attack, but I will feel better telling it anyway. My son was exposed to class B sewage sludge while land applying it for local farmers. He has had open chest surgery, biopsies of his lungs taken (bacteria, fungus, etc. shown), his thymus removed, all his teeth abscessed and had to be removed and he did not have a cavity, but you could turn his teeth around in his mouth due to the connective tissue being eaten by excess fungus. He has a mass in each testicle, two masses in his neck area, restrictive lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure due to his lung condition, removal of pre-cancerous polyps from his colon on a regular basis, recent liver issues which are serious, and I could go on and on.

He was a very healthy young man before his exposure. The General Manager of the Wastewater Treatment Plant told us that he got a call from a lawyer named Mr. Slaughter and who offered his services to help the Treatment Plant and Utilities in any way he could. I later by way of the Internet found out who Mr. Slaughter is. I have never seen such corruption on a federal, state, and local level.

My son has lost his health, my husband and I are forever changed and have little respect for our government. This governmental cover-up of a "monster" that they created has brought on an aggressive bout of post-traumatic stress from my husbands four-year term in the military and his duty in Vietnam. Our world is upside down and will never be the same. We watch each day as our son's health declines. Trust of the EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA, and of a safe food supply in our country is a thing of the past!

Dr. David Lewis came to our small town to try to help identify the strain of bacteria that is killing my son, but he couldn't finish his job or help save my son due to "BIG BOY POLITICS"! I resent that so.............................Our son was to be the first case of DNA tracking from lung tissue back to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and was stopped by politics.

My husband says that it is like Vietnam, you have to have tremendous numbers of people die and it be made public so as to be an embarrassment to our government before any attention is given to anything in our government.

Mary Lou Jones, Erwin, Tennessee