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Biker Must Stop in Traffic

September 8, 2008

A farmer 5 miles north of me has used biosolid sludge for several years now. Upon application, his neighbor immediately vomited when she stepped outside her house.

My husband is an avid cyclist and he passed this same farm on his bike two weeks after the biosolid application and had coughing fits that caused him to stop his bike and drink water to clear his throat. The same occurrance happened when he passed another farm in Earlysville where sludge had been applied approximately a week before he biked past it. Again, his breathing was impaired and HE HAD TO STOP HIS BIKE IN TRAFFIC.

If the particulates cause one person to vomit and another to choke and cough to the point of stopping in traffic, image what it must do to the soil and the animals, wild and domestic. Better yet, research what is doing! I could never want for the cows in those fields to become my dinner, nor that of anyone else. I do not consume any meat that is not certified organic and biosolid use is at the top of my reasons why.

For the health and safety of neighbors, wildlife and even passing traffic, the use of biosolids on pastures, croplands and even yards must stop.

Jill Meyer, Stanardsville VA