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Who Is In Control?

September 8, 2008

Who is in control?

Just a simple question that no one seems to have the answer to! When you become ill from the application of sludge like I have you learn pretty quickly that there is no, one, agency or person for that matter in our government that has the power to stop this!

I have been from pillar to post and top to bottom on every level of government. I supplied four doctors letters stating that in their opinion I had become ill from the sludge applications, and I have been constantly and continuously ill from that first application! They knowingly came around and dumped the second time!

Just a few of my symptoms and illnesses from these applications are: mysterious rash that is still present after three and one half years; burning of my eyes, nose, throat and face; repeated sinus infections; laryngitis; bronchitis; depletion of Vitamin D; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. All of this after the applications! None before!

I had the misfortune to live in a rural area where I am completely surrounded by farmland. I was just standing in my front yard minding my own business when the smell came and invaded my once country haven, I call home. Now I am a prisoner in my own home and have to go miles out of my way to even go to the grocery store! I no longer have the energy or stamina to cope with the constant aggravation of all agencies concerned. They have done nothing from the beginning and I do not foresee them doing anything in the future!

How did we the people become so powerless and why have we allowed the industry and corporations to take over control of our well being!


Janice Buchholz Prospect, VA