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In perfect health until the sludge trucks came

September 3, 2008

Honorable Barbara Boxer,

This note is to outline some of the problems I personally, and some of my family members have had, since May of 2006 when the sludge matter started. I started with:

Ear infection that lasted about 6 weeks

Parotid gland infection from ear (left cheek), into teeth roots, had to finally have a jaw tooth that was good, pulled to relieve pressure

Infected throat, problem swallowing

Endoscopy – spot on stomach

Another End. To remove spots (cancerous)

Colonoscopy, remove polyps

Infection in toe-bacteria. Dr. sent me immediately to hospital because of rash going up my leg to my knee. Hospital for 8 days. Renal failure, blisters all over my feet and leg. I have not been able to walk without a walker.

Eye Dr., eyes changed, cannot use contacts anymore

Gstro problems, liver cyst and infection

Severe headaches

Another CT scan

Upper GI series

Fell 4 times

Passed out getting MRI of head, blacked out


Cardiac artery surgery

EGD spotted spots again

2 procedures to remove spots

CT scan

Odor was so bad outside; I had severe episodes of up-chucking whenever I went outside

Whole summer had been spoiled

Severe leg pain, can’t drive because of TIA’S

MRI for back problems, surgery needed

Memorial Hospital for X-rays on back (spinal stenosis)

Sinus problems

Physical Therapy for ten sessions CTI of knee, joint, stomach, and sinus

Surgery on knee (arthroscopy) did not help

Cannot do yard work anymore, need personal help from my family

To this date, I am still having all kinds of problems. Before May of 2006 my health has been excellent, since then, I feel like I have fallen apart.

My daughter, Barbara Unverzagt, has been living with me, she has been ill from osteo arthritis in joints, fiber Magalia, joint pain, spinal stenosos, migraines, bulging disc, pinched nerves, tendonitis, asthma, allergies. She is 43.

Her daughter, Megan Jacobs, age 9, has had nose bleeds constantly, rash on her body (still has), asthma, migraine headaches, allergies.

Another daughter lives across the road from me. Kathryn Jasinski, age 49. She has had MRSA on her back. Her son, Ken, has had a rash with large spots over his body.

Another daughter, Donna Parr, age 52, has been staying with me since I became sick. She had lung surgery this year, and came here to help me recuperate. She contracted MRSA in her side.

So, there have been a total of 6 of my family members within a block of me, become ill because of the effects of the sludge problems.

I have put my house on the market so I can get out of this area, but I don’t know who would be dumb enough to buy it with the environmental problems we have.

Please consider these problems. I am 73 and have been in perfect health until May of 2006. Now, I can hardly do anything.

Respectfully submitted the 3rd day of September, 2008.

Pat Unverzagt
3008 Bowser Road
New Freedom, Pa. 17349
Cell 717-309-2239