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Country Living Destroyed

August 12, 2008

I have lived in New Freedom, PA (Shrewsbury Township) for 38 years. I used to be proud to call Bowser Road my home. I enjoy living in a rural area. Since they started spreading sludge on the land, our community has become physically ill with a variety of ailments and we are in constant mental turmoil as to when the next load of sludge will be dumped.

The state only tests for 11 contaminants and there are hundreds and hundreds of known contaminants in sewage sludge. No one knows what we are breathing, drinking, etc. Livestock has been affected as well. MRSA has affected residents. We are fearful about what is going to happen in the future if we can't ban this practice of spreading sewage slugde on our precious farmland!

The elected officials are fighting us and the Attorney General is sueing a township because they are trying to pass a local ordinance to protect their community. This is a crisis and we need to take back our rights as citizens in a democracy. We don't want to be sickened by this sludge any longer!!! The quality of our life has been drastically reduced. We cannot even enjoy being outside on our own properties, due to the horrifying odor of the sludge. It comes in our houses and permeates our indoor air as well. We have to close all windows. We are being assaulted in our own homes.


Kimberly Miles, New Freedom, PA