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Poem - The Green Revolution

Sept. 7, 2008

After watching a film at a local church in Lynchburg, Virginia, about the dangerous of sludge, Constance Merritt wrote this masterpiece.

The Green Revolution

after the trenches were emptied after the killing was done after the sky over London no longer rained nitrogen bombs after the masters of war had tallied up profits and loss they trained their sights on farmers here's nitrogen for your crops after the chimmeys were quiet after Dresden burned after a little boy's tantrum after a fat man's yawn after such death and destruction on such an inhuman scale they trained their sights on insects nerve agents strafing our fields after the alga bloom after the reddening tide after the vast dead zones after whole fisheries died after the blight of raw sewage industrial and medical waste after screening this muck from our water rather than bury or incinerate from the cities of the north and the east from the captains of industry comes sludge for the struggling farmer good fertilizer and totally free and the corporations fund the research and the corporations fund the laws and the corporations fund and the corporations fund and we eat and eat their wars.

Judith Elliott, Gladys VA