Take Action!

Just Tell It Like It Is!

September 6, 2008

I recently submitted a letter as Chair of the "Commonwealth Coalition in Virginia." I am now submitting a letter as a private citizen. A citizen that's physical life has forever been changed due to the land application of sludge. A citizen that has had to watch a loved one's health deteriorate day by day and wonder what the future will hold for me and others in my family.

I personally feel that our state government has let the citizens down in every aspect on this issue. Citizens have continuously come forward in meetings all across our country and expressed their health problems as well as nuisance problems. We have gone before the Department of Health, the General Assembly and now our Environmental Departments. We have written letters, produced doctor's letters of concern for their patients, peer-reviewed research data, along with petitions with thousands of names sent to past governors, as well as those now holding office.

As a citizen I feel our government has an obligation to the citizens all across America. It is citizens that fill these positions, citizens that vote citizens into public office. It is citizen's tax money that keeps our government agencies in operation to protect us! I want you to look at that protection and how agencies have served the people in your area. Have they listened to your concerns? Have they acted on them?

Each of us need to realize that this Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is our window of opportunity! This is the time to come forward and let your voice be heard! These members are the lawmakers, the ones that can and will make changes.

Every one of us need to step up to the plate and tell of our concerns and to let them know of our health problems associated with the land applications of sludge.

When it is all said and done I for one want to know that I had given my all on an issue that has affected me personally and that of the ones I love! My quality of life and my family members will never be the same! No one can give that back to us! Let's stop it from happening to anyone else!


Mary H. Carwile Virginia