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To Sludge Or Not To Sludge!

September 3, 2008

I have personally been educating the public and fighting the spreading of sludge on farmlands, in pet foods, in flower and garden mixes, in Harrisburg's flower gardens, on public lawns, shopping centers and parks, to mention a few for over 20 years!

Many people came before me, including Rachel Carson. Sludge--to use or not to use--has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with greed and how the corporate world can cheaply rid themselves of toxic waste while polluting the world around them. DEP and the EPA are not being paid for by the people to protect us. They are setting limits as to HOW MUCH pollunts industry can dump in any form on the public in our water, air and land. Until the EPA and DEP become independant of government elected officials, we will have these battles.

We, the people, can point our fingars all we want to but the blame really does stop with us. We as voters, people with much control as to our buying power, have done very little and fizzle out quickly; just giving up. Sludge is about human rights. The right to good food and a clean environment. If the majority do not soon speak up and DEMAND these rights and choose people not by their party but their principals, we will loose very right we were given by people who refused to be silenced! 

Sandy C. Smith, Pennsylvania Environmental Network