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Unbearable odors

September 1, 2008

In 2007 my wife and I opened the door to the garage and experienced an unbearable odor. We at first thought it was coming from the garbage can. I proceeded to take the garbage can outside and when I opened the gargage door I suddenly realized the odor was coming from outside.

I can not explain the odor in words but it was unbearable. We were both raised in a farming area and are used to the odors generated by normal farm operations. This was different. It smelled as if we were in very close contact with a dead animal. We had to close all the windows and were literally prisoners in our own house. The odors permeated the interior of our vehicles and we were subjected to the smell every time we drove. We had friends who refused to visit us.

We would like for the spreading of sludge to stop so that we can fully use and appreciate the property that we as citizens pay taxes on.

John and Jennifer Jasinski, New Freedom PA