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Short Story from another Sludge victim

August 31, 2008

I have lived on Bowser Rd. for over 17 years. It has always been a rural farming community. Up until 2006 my drinking water has always been potable, now my drinking water has fecal coliform bacteria and needs a light to make it safe, and my nitrates have also increased since 2006 to present.

Because of the stench I am a prisoner in my own home, I wonder if I will be able to sell my home and move and will my property value be diminished because I am across from a Sludged Farm?? Probably. This year in early spring I had a lymph node abscess that was diagnosed as MRSA and had to have it drained and was on antibiotics for months. I have since found out that in a 2 block radius 4 other people have had MRSA infections. Doesn't sound like a coincidence to me.

I have trouble breathing because of the stench. I am concerned about my animals and their health as well as myself. It is long overdue that the practice of land application of sewage sludge is stopped because of all the unknowns and because of the KNOWN reactions of the poor people who live near it, especially to children and older or compromised people. Until it is proven that sludge is sterile and not composed of toxic waste, pathogens, Super Bugs etc. it should be stopped immediately.

Thank you for investigating this unsafe practice and your concern.

Bill Strine, New Freedom, PA