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Sludge Victim - - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

August 28, 2008

We moved into our home in Pennsylvania in June 2006, unaware that the farmland that joins our property was being treated with sludge. We were told the farmland was in agricultural preservation.

How can you preserve something that you are dumping toxic waste on? Since moving here, my family gets sick often. Every spring when we start to spend time outdoors we develop coughs that last most of the summer. Since moving here we have been treated for chronic coughs, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections and my twelve-year-old son developed pneumonia. Even my older dog (who was six years old when we moved in) developed a chronic cough.

Our way of life has been threatened and our property value is not so valuable anymore. This situation has caused a great deal of stress within our family.


The Torgerson Family. New Freedom, PA