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Sludge - Stop the use

August 28, 2008

Our family lives in the Town of Appomattox Virginia and we are fortunate enough not to have the spread of this nasty substance in our immediate area. However, not very far from us there are farmers that are using this form of fertilizer.

As a community that has a heavy use of wells for our dwellings it is a concern for our water supply, as well as our health and the health of generations to come.

Have any of our representatives ever paid a visit to a farm while this stuff is being spread? Probably not.

I think everyone who has a say in this policy should be required to visit where this stuff is being utilized and then envision themselves living in that area with their children and grandchildren. You cannot even leave your windows open due to the awful smell.

This practice needs to be stopped now.

Maryann Mostrangeli, Appomattox VA