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Quality of Life Diminished

August 22, 2008

In the year of 2007, my husband and I were subjected to extremely foul odors during the summer months. We are familiar with the smells associated with farming and rural living. However, these smells were not normal. We soon found out it was sewage sludge which was being spread on neighboring farmland. When the sludge is spread, we are literally held prisoner in our own house.

The foul odor permeates everything, including your lungs. In our neighborhood, people have been ill with respiratory problems, rashes, and other ailments. Nitrate levels in well water have risen dramatically. Well water in our area is being contaminated. The worst part of this situation is that we have no local authority to stop the sludge spreading. We are currently trying to gain back our rights and put an end to this pollution. Our quality of life has been drastically diminished. We hope we can stop this practice before more damage is done.

Cleo and John Fockler, New Freedom, PA