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Huge monopoly needs Gov. Intervention

August 22, 2008

We are outraged farmers and land owners in the Loudoun County who along with thousands of other citizens in our nation who have suffered from the application of sludge on our land. For many years we have been working to break the vice grip that the sludge industry has had on us.

To break the back of the huge monopoly controlling the sludge industry, it will take nothing less than fearless people in government, honest scientists, and the continued relentless citizen activist's groups with a resolve and courage to present the volumes of scientific information from the many reliable scientific studies, which describe the numerous toxic materials that we are inhaling and ingesting from the air and water following the application of biosolids.

Web sites all over the country have been developed to organize and expose this problem; citizens groups have been formed and county health departments have received serious complaints, all to no avail. The serious and fatal illnesses in our county have not been recorded, because, as we are told, we can not prove the connection between the application and the horrible smell of sludge and these illnesses - what a commentary by our government controlled by the sludge industry. Some do not even try to hide the fact.

There is no shortage of scientific information, but there is a huge attempt to suppress it. Recommendation: Burn it safely, as done in other countries, temporarily find dumping areas, but not on farm land! Get our heads out of the sand and face this environmental catastrophe. It may be our country's worst environmental disaster with the toxins seriously affecting the condition of our wells, creeks, rivers and ocean, poisoning our land, food, air and us.

Mary Ellen Hope, Waterford, VA