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Lystek Plant in Fultonville N.Y. will destroy my family

Lystek a company started in 2010 in Ontario has been looking for a place to add their 12th biosolid treatment plant. Fultonville is is in an area of New York that is the lowest socioeconomic areas in the state per capita. People here are largely uneducated or under educated and often are poor. The area is right off of the I 90 thruway and close to the railroad and the Mohawk River. This small village was once wonderful and thriving in the days when trains were the most common trave option. Since then Fultonville has become more and more downtrodden becoming largely now a finanncially unstable village hanging on by a thread. It is still a beautiful place with history and the olace I call home. This plant will be put into the ground 1 mile uphill from where I live. The industrial park it will be out in has already destroyed our natural aquifer and drinking water. The ground here is already toxic as everything leaches down into the valley. If this plant is put in it will destroy everyone. My family has had this property for five generations and will be forced out of our home. I need help in stopping this. It seems that people are oblivious to this and or dont care. I feel all alone and overwhelmed by this corporate entity. Can anyone send me info? Data? Something? Anything? Email me at slavetothetrafficlight83@gmail.com