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COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT INITIAL STUDY PROJECT INFORMATION CONTROL NUMBER: 04-UPB-0427 NAME: SILVA RANCH BIOSOLIDS LAND APPLICATION USE PERMIT LOCATION: The project site is located at the northwest and northeast corners of Clay Station Road and Twin Cities Road, and on the west side of Clay Station Road, in the Southeast community. ASSESSOR’S PARCEL NUMBER: 136-0280-023, 024, 025, and 036; 138-0060-025, 028, 030, 031, 049, 053, 054, 059, 061, 062, and 064; 140-0030-014 and 015; and 140-0050-021 OWNER/APPLICANT: Gary and Tildean Silva 11540 Clay Station Road Herald, CA 95638 CO-APPLICANT: Synagro West, Inc. 4993 Golden Foothill Pkwy, Suite 2 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1. Renewal of three use permits to allow digested municipal sewage to be spread upon and disked into the topsoil on approximately 3,000+ acres in the AG-20, AG-20(F), AG-80, and AG-80(F) zones as a use not otherwise provided for in the AG zone (pursuant to Zoning Code Section 110-30.5). NOTE: The following use permits are being renewed: Use Permits numbered: 92-UPB-0726, 96-UPB-XXB-0323, and 96-UPB-0576). I have many more documents, but this initial study report failed to mention the entire neighborhood across the street from this ranch. And we were here first, since 1900 - 1970's and currently. This use permit is due for renewal in 2010, this community wants this gone but I noticed it looks like Silva is taking stepps to expand the operations. A new large metal building on top of a hill and two huge chiller units just arrived a couple of days ago.