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Sludge Victim

August 20, 2008

Dear Sirs:

I am on the front line of a farmer using sewage sludge. In the last year I have under gone surgery pertaining to MERSA. Also my well has gone very bad from palatable drinking water, bacteria count at 75 and my metals are up from 1.2 to 6.3.

I have had to put a bacteria light and reverse osmosis on my drinking water. It takes me about fifty minutes to cut my lawn. I have to take my clothes off before entering my home because of the smell. Windows and doors must be kept closed. If I had to describe the smell of the sewage it would be between rotting animal carcasses and burning flesh. I am a prisoner in my own home.

Many attempts to have legislation passed to stop the spreading of sewage sludge on farm land had fallen on deaf ears. EPA and DER are absolutely worthless as far as the existing regulations pertaining to the spreading of sewage sludge on farm land.

William H. Strine, Jr., Glen Rock, PA