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April 12, 2011

Sally Brown and BioCycle Magazine, Supporters of Growing Food in Sewage Sludge, Call Organic Food Advocates “Ecoterrorists”

August 10, 2010

Independent Scientific Testing Finds Toxic Contaminants in San Francisco's Free 'Organic Biosolids Compost', Food Rights Network

March 3, 2010

Organic Consumers Association Consumer Warning on Sludge

September 23, 2009

 Press Release: The Center for Food Safety Petitions San Francisco Mayor to Stop Giving Away Poison Compost to Public

September 11, 2008

Press Release: Sludge Victims Speak At Senate Oversight Briefing Investigating Epa Malfeasance On Sewage Sludge Disposal

Coalition of Food, Farm, Environmental and Labor Groups Urges Congress to Halt Dumping Of Sewage Sludge on Farmland

September 10, 2008
News Alert: Congress begins investigation into EPA malfeasance and the practice of land application of toxic sewage sludge

Before Congressional Oversight Briefing, Victims of Poisoning, Farmers, Food Safety and Environmental Advocates Speak out at Media Briefing (download pdf on this page)

June 9, 2008
EPA Misdeeds on Trial in Ombudsman Whistleblower
Witnesses Detail 9/11 Contamination, Toxic Fertilizer and Litany of Other Failings

April 17, 2008
Mikulski, Cummings Call for Investigation into Study that Spread Human, Industrial Waste in Baltimore Neighborhoods

April 15, 2008
EPA Sludge Tests a "Modern-Day Tuskegee Experiment"
Children in Poor Black Neighborhoods Potentially Imperiled by EPA Studies

April 1, 2008

Residents Concerned Sewage Sludge Toxic

December 17, 2007
Carlyle Group Sewer Sludge Business May Increase Health Risks to Communities