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In 2008, Senators Mikulski and Cardin and representative Cummings called for investigations on the Baltimore sludge study. After Johns Hopkins University, located in Baltimore and party to the study that depended on low-income kids eating sewage sludge, put the hammer down, Mikulski and Cardin backed off.

On March 22, 2000, the House Committee on Science had a hearing, called, EPA's Sludge Rule:  Closed Minds or Open Debate? "The hearing will explore allegations that EPA scientists who disagree with EPA’s science associated with the sludge rule were ignored or, worse, subjected to harassment. Even more disturbing are documented reports of intimidation directed at private citizens who express concerns about EPA sludge policies and the science behind those policies." Nothing came of this, either. Still, private citizens are being intimidated. Moreover, Americans continue to have a layer of hazardous chemicals, like flame retardants and nanosilver, spread on farms, parks, and playgrounds. And we continue to be victimized by our own municipal wastewater authorities and the sludge industry, as they bag and sell -- or give away -- sludge-derived "compost" and fertilizer pellets. (Go here for a list of branded, sludge-derived fertilizers and soil amendments.)