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Communities across America are working to educate their neighbors and stop the land application of sewage sludge.

Who can ban sludge? Court to rule. Jurisdiction: Township in Schuylkill County outlawed the fertilizer. State sued, Matt Birkbeck, Of The Morning Call, June 29, 2008,0,2929572.story

Community Environmental and Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)
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Citizens Meet in Outrage

Court to rule in fight over Pa. township's sludge ordinance
By Marc Levy, AP, June 6, 2008

Sludge ban a solid winner, Sarah Ruby, Bakersfield, Jun 7, 2006
The final results showed 84.6 percent of Kern County voters supported the Measure E, which would ban sewage sludge from being spread on land in unincorporated areas of Kern.

Loudoun County